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18 de May, 2020

Beaches will open on the 6th June – what changes?

It will be a different summer on the sands of our beaches. The Government has defined June 6 as the date for reopening the beaches, but the frequency of these spaces will have to obey rules to avoid risks of contamination.

There are specific changes you will have to pay attention  from now on:

  1.  A distance of 1.5 meters must be respected between families and groups of different people. Sun umbrellas, awnings and other equipment must maintain a minimum distance of 3 meters from each other, and must not have an occupancy of more than 5 people, in order to ensure distance rules. Prohibited sports activities with 2 or more people (except nautical activities such as surf lessons and similar sports)
  2. Awnings, stalks and tents: As a rule, each person or group can only rent in the morning (until 1:30 pm) or in the afternoon (after 2 pm). Maximum of 5 people per awning, thatch or tent.
  3. Beach occupancy status: Occupancy status announced through traffic light signs:
    Green: low occupancy (1/3)
    Yellow: high occupancy (2/3)
    Red: full occupancy (3/3)
    Information updated continuously, in real time, namely in the ‘Info beach’ app and on the APA website;
    Parking is prohibited outside parks and orderly parking areas.
  4. Circulation Rules: Single direction of circulation with physical distance of 1.5 meters; Circulation corridors, parallel and perpendicular to the coastline can be defined.
  5. Bars and Restaurants:  Regular cleaning of spaces (minimum: four daily cleanings); Capacity limitation, under the terms applicable to restoration; Possible reorganization of the terraces to ensure safety distance.
  6. Ambulant Sale:  Mandatory use of mask and visor by the seller in contacts with users; The circulation of street vendors should be done with physical distance and, preferably, through the circulation corridors.
  7. Equipment: The use of seagulls, slides or indoor showers is prohibited; Outdoor showers, sunbeds, mattresses or beach ashtrays must be cleaned daily or whenever the user changes.
  8. General Duties of Users: Avoid access to areas with high or full occupation; Proceed with the regular disinfection of the hands and mandatorily on arrival at the beach; Ensure the physical safety distance when using the beach and when swimming.
  9. General Rules: Possibility of banning the beach, for reasons of public health protection, in case of serious non-compliance with the rules by the concessionaires or by the users.

We have to keep in mind, that if we keep the distance between people and groups, and if we follow the recommendations below, beaches are still a safe place to go and e enjoy our time in Algarve. 

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