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8 de May, 2020

EAT @ HOME! Take-away & Deliveries in Lagos

There is no reason to not taste our LOCAL Products or Meals in the comfort of your Accommodation!

It is amazing how our local restaurants, supermarkets, butchers, pharmacies and so many other players, adopted measures  and procedures to provide you the best products for you to cook your meal @ home! Take away or deliveries are available and easy to use!

In spite of they still are open to welcome you, we know that you may prefer to avoid crowded and closed environments for a while. But it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to taste our local delicacies or even our traditional dishes.

So, here you have some great options you can choose, order and receive at home! ūüôā


  Restaurants               Bakery           Supermarket           Pharmacy

                                                           Local Market   


More information at C√Ęmara Municipal de Lagos¬†


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